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We accept returns on any unsatisfied order! Our warranty lasts for 7 days from the date your order was received. You order must be unused, and in the same condition that you received it. *Condition apply For more information on returns, see our full return policy.

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Domestic(USA)/International Shipping

Express (5-7 Business Days):    $15.99

Yes! Please do not hesitate to order for worry we cannot ship to you! We use DHL Express Worldwide, and currently deliver to over 200 countries and islands worldwide.

The first email you receive includes your order number, this is not your tracking number. 

Your tracking information will be provided to you in the second email sent. 

It will have your tracking number, along with the tracking link to the courier used to ship your order. 

Please use the tracking link provided to follow your order to your doorstep! 

We try our best to stay within the processing and shipping time frames listed, however there will occasionally be delays that cause delays in getting your shipment out. In this case, we will surely keep you updated! 

Thank you for your patience. 

We know you want your order fast, so as soon as you place it, we are on it! We can only attempt to exchange your order within 24 hours of placing it. We cannot cancel an order after it has been placed. We may be able to edit your order, please  with your request.[email protected]

If you have a larger order you are looking to place, we can assist you via email, please [email protected]

We will give you the best price for your specific order.

Your order may take the full estimated shipping (Business Days) time to get to you. This is business days from the date shipped, and does not include weekends of holidays.  If your order status shows up as any of the following:

"Estimated Delivery Date - Pending" (Fedex) 

"USPS Currently Awaiting Package" (USPS)

"USPS Awaiting Item" (USPS) 

"Shipper has generated a label but the shipment has not yet been handed to DHL" (DHL) 

If you see a message like this when you look up your tracking, this is normal, as the carrier may not update your tracking information until 3-4 days before they deliver. 

Please rest assured your package will arrive to you safely

"The carrier told me they haven't received the package yet, but i've been given my tracking number." 

"Estimated Delivery Date - Pending" (Fedex) 

"USPS Currently Awaiting Package" (USPS)

"USPS Awaiting Item" (USPS) 

"Shipper has generated a label but the shipment has not yet been handed to DHL" (DHL) 

These messages are normal, and indicate the carrier has not updated their system. 

You may call the carrier, and they may tell you the package has not been handed to them. 

This is because the carrier will not have access to your profile until the package has arrived in your country, it is normal. 

Please rest assured if you have received your tracking number, then your order is in route to you.  

We work hard to ensure all packages are shipped within 2-3 business days of your purchase date. 

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause delays in shipping orders, but rest assured you will receive a notice if there is any issue with your order. 

If you haven't received your order confirmation, or shipping confirmation with your tracking number, it is likely sitting in your spam/junk folder. 

Please check these folders around the date you purchased and you will find our order and shipping confirmation emails.